Live drawing on Justin.TV on January 18, 2010

The day before I had scribbled the head of a strong woman with pencil on a piece of paper, and today I did a live drawing on of a whole character, based on the head.

Drawn live on Justin.TV on Januari 18, 2009

Because Justin.TV doesn’t allow recording of high resolution video (“high” for streaming video), you either have to convince the staff that you’re worth their download bandwidth, or use a video download service like Vimeo. I have done the latter. Sorry, this wasn’t correct. You can indeed suggest a clip from your recorded live footage, and it took a day before it turned up on Justin.TV. I guess it has to be processed by humans. Patience, my dear grasshopper!

It was a hoot, and I should do this more often, so that I’ll get better at it.



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